Governance Committee

The Governance Committee oversees Médicament Québec.


  • To unite the various university, college and industry stakeholders active in the pharmaceutical field;
  • Identify opportunities to strengthen the main pillars funded under the grant agreement;
  • Develop a strategic vision for revitalizing Quebec’s pharmaceutical industry;
  • Identify innovative, multi-institutional and multi-organizational activities that could lead to collective solutions and substantial benefits for the province’s pharmaceutical industry;
  • Support Médicament Québec’s strategic vision by developing complementary pillars to support the industry’s recovery;
  • Develop funding avenues for research projects conducted with partners;
  • Establish the operating budget;
  • Propose an annual plan of activities funded by the grant;
  • Approve the annual and financial reports;
  • Implement and monitor activities.


The Governance Committee is chaired by Université de Montréal and its composition was approved by Quebec’s Ministry of Economy and Innovation.

One (1) representative from each of the participating universitiesEugénie Brouillet
Vice-Rector, Research, Creation and Innovation
Université Laval

Jean-Pierre Perreault
Vice-Rector, Research and Graduate Studies
Université de Sherbrooke

Philippe Gros
Deputy Vice-Principal, Research and Innovation
McGill University
One (1) representative from a college or centre for technology transferNancy Déziel
Executive Director
National Centre in Electrochemistry and Environmental Technologies

Three (3) industry representativesDavid Goodman
Chief Executive Officer
Pharmascience Inc.


Alain Boisvert
Director, Government and Public Affairs
Pharmascience Inc.

Therence Bois
Co-founder and Chief Operating Officer
Valence Discovery

Industry representative
Representative of the Fonds de recherche du Québec – SantéCarole Jabet
Scientific Director
Fonds de recherche du Québec – Santé

Representative(s) of the Ministry of Economy and Innovation (Observer(s))Marco Blouin
Director General
Science and Partnerships Branch
Ministry of Economy and Innovation

Martin Doyon
Collaborative Research Department
Ministry of Economy and Innovation

Vanessa Claveau
Life Sciences Department
Ministry of Economy and Innovation

Yvon Fréchette
Innovation Advisor
Collaborative Research Department
Ministry of Economy and Innovation
Representative of Université de Montréal (Observer)Yves Joanette
Deputy Vice-Rector
Research, Discovery, Creation and Innovation
Université de Montréal
Project Director (Observer)Arianne Trudeau
Project Director
Université de Montréal