Médicament Québec is a coordinated initiative to support the development of innovative units dedicated to drug discovery, supply and production in Quebec and to revitalize the province’s pharmaceutical industry. Initially spurred by the need to strengthen the local supply chain, Médicament Québec brings together leading thinkers and infrastructure from universities, colleges and generic and innovative drug companies.

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Médicament Québec provides funding for activities that, directly or indirectly, lead to the creation or the strengthening of the local pharmaceutical supply chains.

The term “pharmaceutical” is used to describe medicinal substances used to treat or prevent illnesses or specific symptoms, or to establish medical diagnoses. The products under Médicament Québec’s scope may therefore include small molecules, vaccines, antibodies, active ingredients, pharmacological agents, vectorization agents, RNAs or other compounds that meet this definition.

Activities that qualify for funding will :

  • Provide infrastructure – These activities aim to set up organizations, networks or tools that foster synergy and the development of Quebec’s pharmaceutical industry. They demonstrate significant potential for development and spin-off benefits.
  • Encourage collaboration – These activities bring together experts and stakeholders from various disciplines to collaborate on shared projects.

The activities support three strategic pillars:

Two cross-sector components

There are two cross-sector components that reinforce the 3 pillars:

  • Digital intelligence (artificial intelligence and operational research)
  • Training in university, college and corporate environments



Under the leadership of the Université de Montréal, Médicament Québec aims to rally research groups, academic institutions and private companies around a common goal: revitalizing Québec’s pharmaceutical industry and increasing the province’s independence in the discovery, development and production of active ingredients used to make essential drugs and treatments. In doing so, Médicament Québec hopes to prevent future supply shortages.

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