Mission, Mandate and Objectives


Médicament Québec supports collaboration and infrastructure development activities involving academic and industrial partners with a view to repositioning Quebec’s pharmaceutical industry and increasing the province’s independence in the discovery, development and production of active ingredients used to make known or innovative drugs. Ultimately, the goal is to strengthen Quebec’s pharmaceutical supply chain and industry.


  1.  Initiate work on three strategic pillars by supporting activities that involve and enrich the organization’s academic and industrial partners.
  2.  Create other units involving academia and industry to encourage collaboration or develop needed infrastructures to revitalize the pharmaceutical industry, with a view to:
    • Increasing the supply chain security;
    • strengthening drug discovery and production chain.


  1. Capitalize on the expertise and infrastructure available in universities and colleges in order to increase synergies and foster sharing in the  pharmaceutical field.
  2. Support the creation of a unit dedicated to the synthesis and production of active ingredients used to make generic drugs.
  3. Increase the potential for discovering, developing and producing innovative drugs for clinical trials.
  4. Incorporate digital intelligence approaches into the drug discovery, development and supply processes.
  5. Foster partnerships with generic and innovative drug makers, biotechnology companies and manufacturing firms.
  6. Create a training unit that covers academic and corporate environments to promote discovery and innovation.